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Why Outdoor Activities are Fascinating?

December 9, 2017

In this era of awakening concern for health, outdoor sports are no longer just "aristocrats" of the upper class group of people. It has become a part of our daily life. More and more people are joining in and outdoor activities and recreational trips has become a trend and fashion. Outdoor sports as one of the most popular sports at the moment.


 1. Promote Heart and Lung Function


Orienteering in outdoor sports, camping, mountain biking and other sports require good physical strength, and physical strength depends on the highest heart function and the heart's ability to adapt to high-intensity of exercise. Long-distance sports need to consume a lot of energy over a long period of time. In order to adapt to this long-term, high-intensity energy supply, cardiac metabolism is enhanced, systolic blood pressure is increased, and oxygen consumption is increased, thereby stimulating an increase in myocardial blood flow and enhancing cardiac tension and contractility.


 2. Improve the Jumping Force


Outdoor sports shares their own characteristics, therefore, the requirements of jumping ability and basketball, long jump and other projects have some differences. Like directional off-road, participants sometimes need to jump when jumping over small cliffs, big rocks and other obstacles, or crossing ditch and brooks, using leaps and bounds, having a longer run and jumping. The magnitude is generally small. Therefore, the demands on the rapid explosive force of ankle joints participating outdoor athletes are relatively higher.


 3. Improve the Quality of Power


Among the outdoor climbing projects, one of the speed climbing projects requires the athlete to quickly and repetitively use the grasping force and pedaling force to reach the highest point in the shortest time while the climbers are doing long-distance weight-bearing exercises with the back. There is a certain weight of mountaineering bags, or the gears for camping, hiking, backpacking trips, which requires good strength and endurance. In the process of rock climbing, you need to maintain a small body mass balance of the body to coordinate the body, therefore, regular participation in such exercises, can improve the quality of strength.


4. Improve the Quality of Flexibility


To participate in the rock climbing project, when there are few supporting points on the rock wall, the climber can master the supporting points far away from their bodies and demonstrate the beautiful body curve so that the audience can enjoy the pleasures of the audience only through good flexibility exercises. If you can often participate in rock climbing practice, the flexibility of quality will be greatly improved.


 5. To Improve the Quality of Sensitivity


If you participate in outdoor sports, especially in orienteering, climbing practice, we must often make rapid and accurate judgments of the surrounding environment according to the changes of the environment, which requires flexible response, rapid and agile reaction speed, high self-control ability and speedy making Responses.


6. Outdoor Sports Can Improve Endurance


Stamina is the body's ability to work continuously. The long duration of outdoor exercise, usually belonging to moderate-intensity exercise,  participating in outdoor sports usually can improve heart and lung function and improve the coordination of the body's various system efficiency. Do you know the 7 major roles in outdoor sports?


 7. To Participate in Outdoor Sports Can be Pleasant


When doing outdoor activities, especially in the wilderness, you can experience the comfortable city and the hard feelings of the different wild life, you can understand and realize a different perception of happiness, so as to cherish more of your own life. The survival mold of trips into the wild, rock climbing, training to expand training can persevere, cultivate the courage and confidence in dealing with difficulties, dare to challenge themselves and surpass themselves. After the experience of outdoor sports, guys will maintain a good attitude, and will return with a new way to meet the challenges of life.


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