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Tips for First Time Hikers to Cut Down the Risk of Wounds

January 2, 2018

Just start your first hike on a longer trail? Or about to have several trial hike?Everything has a gradual process, toddlers learn to crawl before they can walk. Different activities upon the geographical environment, strength, degree of danger vary greatly.

Physical fitness, psychological quality requirements are different also.  For outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, there won't be problems.  What are the essentials, principles and skills for first time hikers then?



5  Basic Techniques


1. Body Adjustment
Body: walking is typically movements of most of your body and by no means involves foot movements only, pay attention to the balance of the body through the swinging arms while hiking, adjust the gait, shoulders down a little and straighten your back, take deep breathes with the abdomen, put whole bottom of the feet on the ground for each step.  


2. Foot
Foot: full foot bottom step on the ground, heel on the ground first, and then toes.


3. Rhythm
Rhythm: The best speed is to talk while hiking without fastening your breath, be careful not to exceed the pulse of 90-120 / minute.


4. Breathing
Breathing: Breathe evenly, avoid chaff, be sure to take deep breathes.


5. Back
Back: shoulders, keep your back straight, take deep breaths with the abdomen.



8 Basic Principles


1. Speed ​​Control Principle
Do not take fierce pace at the beginning, this will consume a lot of physical strength, which will affect the overall speed. If hiking in team, it is great to find a companion who is similar in pace as you.


2. Physical Measurement Principles
When going out for a hike for the first few times, it is best to persist for several hours instead of planning how far you must go. After understanding your own abilities after several times of hiking experience, and increase the strength of hiking appropriately.


3. Rest Principle on the Trail
Physical fitness is one of the major purpose of hiking in the outdoors, do not be too ambitious and have too much physical expenditure, and sometimes too much physical burden and exhaustion of body strength will come up with negative effect on both physical and psychological condition on the trail. Generally take 50 minutes per section and take a rest for 10 minutes, different people can measure their ability and the surrounding according to their own addition and subtraction.


4. The Principle of Proper Progress
For hiking, everyone has a set of their own pace, when hiking, you should use a more comfortable way to walk, so that your physical ability can be effective used to save strength and avoid muscle pains.


5. "Eat and Drink" Principle
"Eating and drinking" principle does not mean that you need to eat and drink a lot all the time, it refers to the frequency of eating and drinking. Hiking on the trail, the human body will loss heat and consumes much energy, in order to supplement physical strength, need to replenish water and food in time.


Especially before climbing the slope of a mountain, you can drink some water properly. If the weather is hot, sweating and more, you can add some salt in drinking water.


6. Self-Assessment Principles
Do not show off, which can only prove that you are not mature enough. If you really enjoy trekking in full speed, you are welcome to do it but don't forget to help other fellows who is relatively weak in shape to bring their water or other heavy gears, which will show your maximum off!


Choosing proper mountains to climb according to your physical condition and shape, the challenge of new difficulty should be raised gradually. It is recommended to correctly assess their physical and outdoor ability before departure, think about whether you can really keep pace with peers or paces of your hiking partners, it is better not to overdraw on the knees.


7. Leg Muscle Training Principles
Developed muscles can relieve the pressure on the knee under certain circumstances so as to avoid knee damage to a minimum level. Usually strengthen the quadriceps (thigh front) and cruciate ligament exercises, try to avoid the wrong posture which may lead to injury, if the injury is caused by the exercise, then you've just turn it upside down.


Girls do not used to carry too much weight during the exercise, the training can be combined with muscle stretching, such as yoga or leg stretching. Do not worry about exercise of leg thighs will make it grow thick and big, the public's strength exercise will speed up fat metabolism and promote fat reduction, it's really hard to put on weight if you exercise effectively. Exercise slowly and avoid too much strength training, and have more stretch exercise and jogging will make legs slimmer. 


8. Knee Protection Principle
Due to insufficient attention to the protection of the knees, many hikers get into trouble of painful knees and torture. Upon all sorts of outdoor recreational activities, the knees may get wounded as hiking time drags, the knee is the weakest body joints, but it is connected to the longest bones and the strongest muscles.


Knee injury may also be in a sudden, but the recovery can be really sick and takes a rather long period of time to such as spinning, and old wounds on the knees is easily go wrong again in cases. In order to maintain our health, we should arouse special attention maintenance of our knees.


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