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How to Prevent Tent Condensation?

July 31, 2018



Tent condensation happens to everyone. It’s unavoidable for camping or backpacking with a tent, it is not the quality problem of the tent,it's a natural physical phenomenon that occurs with all kinds of the tents, both single wall and double wall tents, and no matter what fabric or materials they’re made of.


Why condensation forms in the tent?


The temperature of inside and outside is different when keeping warm ability of the tent is strong, and there is water vapor in the air, and then condensation will be generated. This is a natural physical phenomenon. That’s why almost most of 4-season tents have condensation problems.


How to reduce the condensation?


1. Open the windows and roll up the the snow skirts of rain fly to enhance ventilation.


2. Put an footprint under the tent and open the tent doors and windows

before sunset to reduce the moisture in the air.


3. Use the guy ropes to set up tent to make the distance between the inner tent and rain fly is large enough.


4. When the condensation is too serious, we can open the cloth door of inner tent to enhance the ventilation, thereby reducing the condensation.


5. Remove wet clothes or shoes from your tent at night. Dry them outside or put them inside a stuff sack to reduce nighttime humidity.


6. Keep away from lakes, rivers, streams,ponds and the place with lots of plants.


7. Avoid cooking inside the tent.


Please be known that in most of situations, We have to reduce the temperature difference of tent inside and tent outside if we want to reduce the condensation, the warmth will be more dependent on the camp pad and sleeping bags at this time.





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