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Reflective Guy Lines and Stripes Keeps You Easy to Find the Tent at Night!

August 23, 2018

As we know, many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy stay outside at night, sometimes in the wood, sometimes on the mountain. Anytime you stay outside, you need to keep yourselves safe. 


GeerTop pay attention to every custom's safety, we hope you will play fun, and we also hope you can play fun without accidents. So, we think there are two products are important for your outdoor activities.  One is your tent, and one is your guy line.


For helping you locate your tent at night, we add several reflective strips on the tent, like the following shows. 


GeerTop Tent


Additional, most of the guy lines we sold with reflective strips, like the following shows:


 GeerTop Reflective Guy Lines


Reflective guy lines and the stripes can prevent the accidents and making it easier to find your tent at night and keep you safe.



If you enjoy night camping and would like to keep safe at night, the reflective guy lines and the tent stripes can easily help you do that. 


(Source: The photos of the tent in the snow is source from 46-96.jp  )





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