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Tips for Camping with Kids

August 27, 2018

 Pic by @MartinRowe32


Taking your kids camping in the countryside, pitch a tent under the vast starlit sky, start a campfire and cook cover it, breathe fresh air, see the amazing scenery and play with their friends. These are great memory for parents playing with kids and experience the nature.


If your kids are first to camp outdoor, you can practice camping in the backyard or inside your home. You can see how they react to the experience. If they don't like sleep in a tent, you can guide them play in the tent and tell some campfire stories to let they enjoy the camping journey.


1. Kids have their own backpack

Let kids to pack their own essentials such as water bottle, sunglasses and snack. This is a good way to get them interested in the trip and take a little bit of responsibility for their own well being.   You may still have to check that all the items are actually in the backpack.     


2. Let the kid involved in

Kids like to be involved. try to let them to help set up the tent and do some camp chores such as place the chair and collect water. 


3. Be safe

Give your kid a whistle and teach them how to use it before the camping trip. Give them a warn not to go far away from the campsite, never try to touch wild animals, stay away from water with adults. 


4. Stay organized

Remind everyone to always return items to their established locations so others can find them. Don't bother other families' camping and don't destroy the environment.


5. Have fun 

Camping trip is a good way to relax and take the times to play with your kids. If your kids would love to experience some adventures, you can satisfy them in a safe situation.





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