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Tips for Camping with Your Dog

September 27, 2018



Solo hiking and camping is lonely, no friends join in your trip? Taking your dogs together will be a good choice and actually many people did. There are some tips for camping with your dog and we hope this help.


Know your dog’s camping personality


When you plan a camping trip, it is important to know whether your dog is suitable for a camping trip or not and what kind of the trip she can take, a week long backpacking trip or just to a family-friendly campground? If you’re uncertain, just have a camp practice in your courtyard or the park.


Make sure it's friendly for dog


Some campsites and parks have restrictions to some pets, make sure your dog is allowed to come in and check the leash laws. You can call ahead or research online to more the details.


Make sure your dog under your control


There will be some other campers and pets in the place you camp, make sure she is under voice control, keep your dog close or on leash so that she won't bother others. 



Prepare gears for your dog.


Camping with your dog means you also need to prepare camping gears for her. Like dedicated doggy water bottle and food bowls, lightweight dog backpack, small size sleeping bag and blanket, dog's hiking socks and aid kit as well.


Keep in mind, you can prepare the gears according to where you camp, if you plan to go to a long distance hiking trip, make sure your gears is complete to face any situation, but if you just camp on the campsite, you can just pick some necessary stuffs.



Enjoy your trip.


Camping with your dog is a great way to get away from your boring job and far away from glowing screens. You will take in the sights, smells and sounds of the nature. 


Have your dog being with you will make you feel safe and feeling not alone. Lastly, have fun and take lots of photos! 






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