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August 1, 2019

  • HH of 3000MM anti-tear, taped seam fly sheet

  • Two entrances which provide flexibility and great ventilation

  • High quality aluminum tent pegs

  • Reflective guy ropes

  • Mesh fly sheets on both doors and ventilation windows

  • 2 lightweight folding aluminum poles

  • Carry bag

  • 4 season rating

  • Carrying weight 4.15kg


Putting the tent up

We found putting the tent up was really easy – we didn’t even bother looking at the instructions as it was so intuitive to pitch.


There’s just 2 flexible poles that need to be slotted into place and then fed through in an X shape, before the fly sheet is popped on top and pegged into place. The whole thing takes well under 10 minutes to pitch.





Space inside the tent is good and reminded me very much of my very first Lichfield dome tent that I used to take my daughter camping in as a toddler.


The website claims this will sleep 4, but I think along with backpacks, that claims is a bit optimistic and it would be real squeeze. We’d say this is the ideal size for 2 adults and 1 child or 3 adults on narrow SIMs without much gear with them.


The tent is fast and easy to put up by 1 person in about 5 minutes


Although the tent does not offer standing height, it didn’t feel at all cramped with 2 of us sleeping in it, and my other half is over 6 feet tall! Following our camping trip, we’ve since let a friend borrow the tent, and he found it perfect for him and his daughter to use when he took her on her first ever camping trip recently.



The lantern hanging point inside the tent


Whilst the tent is marketed as a backpacking tent, at 4.15kg it’s too heavy to be classed as a true backpacking tent, but it is still remarkably light, certainly light enough to carry for a few miles in order to wild camp and the low weight too makes it an ideal festival tent.


 Internal storage and door rolled away with secondary bug mesh in place


The worst thing we found about this tent was the size of the bag it came in. Even factory packed, the bag was only just large enough to accommodate the tent, in fact it was difficult to pull it out of the bag when we received it as space was so tight.


Each time we’ve taken the tent down, no matter how tightly we roll everything and repack, we’ve never yet managed to get it all back into the bag, so the tent loses serious points on practicality for this reason.



Features & Styling

Yellow tends to be the colour of choice for hardcore adventuring tents, and we actually found the bright yellow colour rather jolly and pleasant, though it does attract bugs, so thank goodness for the bug mesh!


 The door large step which helps protect the inner tent from rain and snow


We were delighted to see such high quality tent pegs used and we thought this was a really nice premium touch.


 We were impressed by the high quality tent pegs


We also really liked the high quality metal guy rope sliders. These however did seem a little at odds with the guy rope attachment points on the outside of the tent which seem quite flimsy by comparison, but after 3 pitches, we’ve had no issues.


 Good quality metal guy rope sliders


The fly sheet has a rain/snow skirt all around the bottom which provides extra protection from the elements, and we thought that was a nice touch too. We also liked the fact that there are two doors for airflow and that both doors featured secondary mesh to keep bugs out.


The internal doors are also stepped, so there’s a good couple of inches of clearance from the ground, again this is great for keeping rain or snow out of the inner tent.


 The rain/snow skirt on the flysheet


The other thing we really liked were the high quality poles which are also super light, and the pole attachment points which clip the two poles in the centre of the tent together where they cross over each other, felt really strong and capable.


 The good quality pole attachment point shown before the flysheet was put on top


When the tent first arrived we were in the middle of several days of really bad weather. During a brief window of dry weather we took the opportunity to do a test pitch of the tent in the garden as we knew it was going to continue raining for the new few days, providing the ideal opportunity to test the 3000mm HH of the tent.



The tent coped really well with torrential rain which continued for a good 48 hours, so our test pitch gave us the confidence to take it camping the following weekend once the weather had improved.


Whilst this tent largely exceeded our expectations thanks to its performance in the rain and various premium touches, it is let down by the very small bag size. We’ve since taken to using a larger bag we had left over from an old tent we no longer use.


That said, it’s incredibly light to carry, it’s fast to put up, good quality with good levels of waterproofing and for short overnight camping trips, festivals and wild camping, we think this tent makes a really sound buy.



Remark: The article was reprinted with permission from the original author Camping with Style. Thanks so much for reviewing GeerTop product.



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